///Ranger Auto-Gate Motor

Ranger Auto-Gate Motor

RANGER underground is a remote controlled automatic gate system specially designed to last and provide comfort. Engineered to be relied upon and built to withstand heavy usage. This versatile system can be installed to existing gates. This field-tested testimony of its reliability and robustness is far better than any claims of reliability with reports of 100,000 test cycles within the confines of a laboratory environment.

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Product Description


Type A rotary drive unit complete with D,C.
Moto6 speed reducer and electro
mechanical clutch system housed in
a waterproof alloy casing,
Motor Voltage Rating

12-24 volts D.C

Power Consumption

25 Watts

Motor Rated Load Speed

4,700 RPM

Insulation Resistance

1 Mega Ohm

Actuator Output Speed

2.2 RPM

Max, Speed

12 – 15 per second

Max. Leaf Opening Angle


Max. Leaf Weight Allowed


External Dimension

240 x 240 x 140(mm)

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